MULTI LAYER SUPPORT SYSTEM: Advantages of being a part of our Blossom International School family:
Proven business model that has delivered a robust ROI for our Franchisees.

Administration Systems :-

Setting up proper system, procedure, record maintenance and MIS is very important aspect of running any business enterprises and must be set in a manner that makes the daily operations of the schools as efficient as possible.

Curriculum :-

The knowledge that children gain in early childhood is crucially important for their futures with quality preschool experience helping to lay the foundation for the kind of skills, knowledge and behaviour that the child will be expected to master during school.

School Uniforms :-

School uniform is way to identify a school and hence Blossom International School helps to get customized dress for both boy/girls which being issued by centres.

School Security :-

School security is another important area of identification to enable proper security to children during school hours.

Cleaning and Maintenance :-

Making sure the right cleaning standards are applied during daily cleaning and maintenance goes a long way to ensure good hygienic in all operating areas of the school.

Induction Programme :-

Framing an Induction programmes for teachers, administrative and other staff to begin the centre.

Orientation Programme :-

.Parent orientation to the school its philosophy teaching and non teaching staff and other such areas is an important factor in the parent's acceptance of the school and it's working.

Extra Curricula :-

While the curriculum is very important, extra-curricular activities on an ongoing basis is also very crucial for the all round growth of child and has to be planned consistently and regularly.

Financials :-

In the current environment of constant competition, schools have to keep their financials in good order and need to have a minimum 3-4 years horizon before substantial profit can be seen. Proper financial planning, resource allocation and exposure will make or break any school.

Marketing :-

  • Currently demand is heavier than supply hence schools believe that marketing is an area that can be overlooked. Intense competition from the organized as well as unorganized sector will drive must schools very soon to start marketing activities and planning and execution of the same will decide the fate of the school. Support in enrolments via marketing

  • Provides time tested books, publications and other learning resources

  • Continuous updates on current educational developments


  • The franchisee should have minimum 1500 – 2000 sq.ft carpet area in a residential location in the city. Preferably independent villa or bungalow (On ground floor) with separate boundary wall along with outdoor play area.

  • NOC from society for running preschool.

  • One time initial investment will be in the range of INR.5,00,000/- to INR.10,00,000/- The initial investment would be towards ambience and equipment costs and would include the start up franchisee.

  • Please also note that the initial investment is dependent on the model of the Pre-School and could vary based on location and other factors.

  • All franchisees will undergo an extensive training program on the business strategies for owning and operating a successful Pre-School. In addition to these franchisees and their staff members will receive initial and continuous training for the Blossom International School curriculum and the delivery method.

  • Franchisee will have to invest in capital and working capital for this project.

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